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Welcome! My name is Aaron, I first started designing back in 2008 for some of the bands I was a part of. After getting into gaming into my 20s I started combining my fun for gaming and passion for designing together, and started developing designs including branding, illustrations, social media and apparel. After years of building the name "Big E Designs" I decided to go full freelance in late 2014. Since thing I have not only tried my best to advance in my current work, but also have moved into photography and videography work. I invite any of you to check through my site, and my work, if you are interested in hiring me for a project, be sure to fill out a contact form.



My goals are to not only try and meet customer requests to the best of my ability. But to also help spread my creativeness to the world!


  • Freelance Designer
  • Big E Designs, Dayton, Ohio
  • Graphic designer
  • 2013-present


Creative Grenade:

  • Graphic designer
  • April, 2015-Present
  • http://creativegrenade.com/



  • Apparel Designer, Ad designer
  • December 2015-Present
  • http://pwnitwear.com


Be Legendary Clothing:

  • Be Legendary Clothing, N/A
  • Designer and owner
  • 2015-present
  • http://www.belegendaryclothing.com

“creativity is contagious... Pass it on"

albert einstein

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My mission from all of this. I want to be able to spread what I do and have learned to the world. Over the years I have taken a major grasp on my life and have overcome alcohol abuse, weight-loss and depression. I want to show as many people I can, to take a hold of what they love and work hard at it. I want to share my process in doing so, so that I can connect with those interested, in hopes that they too will learn to connect.


We get one life my friends, we shouldn't let it go to waste.




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