Welcome to my world.

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Welcome! My name is Aaron, I am freelance Videographer and Photographer from Ohio! I started my original journey in creativity back in 2008 starting off with Graphic Design! I was able to work hard enough to become freelance and work for myself in 2014 and since then have grown a passion with video and photo work!


“creativity is contagious... Pass it on"

albert einstein

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My mission from all of this. I want to be able to spread what I do and have learned to the world. Over the years I have taken a major grasp on my life and have overcome alcohol abuse, weight-loss and depression. I want to show as many people I can, to take a hold of what they love and work hard at it. I want to share my process in doing so, so that I can connect with those interested, in hopes that they too will learn to connect.


We get one life my friends, we shouldn't let it go to waste.




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