The great debate in today's age, whether it is actually debated between people or not, I am more than willing to bet, any person who has or has not gone to college, regardless of success, has debated actually going. But to the ultimate question, do you need to go to college?

First before we can dive into this post, let me give you a little on me. I am a full time freelance graphic designer. By full time I don't mean, i just get by to have the title of freelance. I (some what) successfully live my life from designing, you know, bills, travel, gym, eating, breathing, poo...... ok, TMI. I personally left my job over two years ago, targeting my consumer base in the esports/gaming industry. I am not rich, or super wealthy by any means. I still have my debts, but I get to do what I enjoy for a living, that is a fact.

So now that you know a little about me, to trust I am not just trying to make a post on my opinion, so now you know this is my experience, lets dive into it a little.

College is really different on where you come from. Some community's, like where I came from, really push hard in making it seem like, unless you just want to work a factory job, you need to go to college. Also it seems to create a sense of feeling, that if you didn't go to college, compared to the others that you grew up with, that you have a sense of feeling less to them (until they graduate of course and have to find employment). Coming from a smaller community where everyone knows everyone, and a lot of people (not all) think they are perfect. The area really pushes hard on college with or without saying so.

Other areas of the world, just simply don't care unfortunately. Although you will see my ultimate opinion of college in the end, I still think its great to grow up in a world where it is realistically an option. Here in the states, major populated cities seem to talk about college here and there, but not really show the people their full potential of going to college.

As to where some society's it is just such a common, easy and affordable process, you would be silly not to take the chance to go to college. I feel like these areas of the world, due to the convenience, people really actually go to learn what they are interested in, since they don't have the feeling of wasting someone else's money. They are more concerned on learning to be the best person they can be to do what they want in life (the point of college IMO)

Regardless of where you come from, all these areas of the world, have one thing in common, that I think people seriously do not pay attention to. Which I find crazy in today's age, with internet access we have. That is that you do not, 100% of the time, need college.

Now before people start jumping into different crazy scenarios, let me explain. Returning back to different parts of the world. I do understand, for some people, the need for jobs requiring college are higher than some others. For example those parts of the world where college is more common, places of work may require more strict college experience. So I understand that some people felt they needed college to help them obtain their job or profession. Then of course there are those jobs like Doctors, rocket scientist and so on that may require a degree or two :P.

I understand for some people, in the area they live, they feel they have to attend college to get those local professions. I also think those people forget there is an online market out there as well. I know some people feel they should go to college, and stay in it because they feel like if they don't, they will feel less of a person compared to one with college experience. This here is just silly, ever heard of Steve Jobs? If not you should pry look him up.

"But Aaron, success stories like Steve Jobs are really rare." I agree, I am not saying don't go/drop out of college, and you can create one of the worlds largest media interaction platforms. I am simply showing you on a much larger scale, how realistic just simply doing what you are passionate about and becoming successful from it, actually is.

You see, I am no Steve Jobs, Rush Limbaugh, Kanya West, Bill Gates, Tiger Woods, Sean Combs, Mark Zuckerberg, Sean Parker, Michael Dell, or Travis Kalanick (I could go on). But one thing I have in common with all these very successful people who either didn't attend, or dropped out of college. Is that after I had studied up on design for a few years, started Big E Designs as a part time gig while I worked 40-50 hours a week. When I really tried to go to college, thanks to one of the heads of administration at that art school, I realized I had already put myself in the position to truly not need it.

You see, like these guys, I had spent years doing what I didn't like, forcing me on my free time to grind design ideas, and self teach myself things, that after a point, a degree was just going to be a piece of paper telling someone I know, what I already know (I can defiantly learn more, and try to teach myself more all the time, don't get me wrong). 

The point is, things like college can help you, but whether you go to college or not, you have to take the time to learn and create what truly makes you happy. We live in a day in age, where the same area that we can self teach our selves (the internet), we can self manage and make a commission as well. There are enough people out in the world that would be interested in your product and services, if you have taken the time to work on something you are passionate about.

You see, you have to work period, but if you pick something that makes you happy, if you work hard with it, grind with it, you won't 100% need college, but you will 100% have to work. Again, I am nothing special, just a guy, on the internet, selling my work, sharing my ideas and views. BUT, right now I do get to do what makes me happy, and I didn't need college, and since I am nobody special, since I can do it, you can do it.

"Success consists of going from failure, to failure without loss of enthusiasm"
- Winston Churchill