The risk to design!

It seems we live in world that tries more and more to push at "doing it the right way". Doing this pushes folks through school, college, that first job that can be either extremely dreadful or luckily, exciting. Now although this is a smart and great path. It is not the only path.

Having the ability to have a creative imagination is a gift. It is however a gift that often goes to waste. When it comes to designing or art in general, you not only have the ability to create for yourself but for others. That is ability that can be both used for the passion of doing what you love, and for realistically making a living doing what you love, which who can honestly hate you for that?!

Taking a risk at doing what you love for a living is both a scary and a very real idea. You have many risk just besides the fact of trying to do designs at a price. You have to consider investing into yourself, think about potentially leaving your job, even potentially cause relationship problems with family, friends and loved ones who may not see what you see. Even more so if you do not have an educational background in what it is you want to achieve.


If it is truly something you are passionate about. If it is something you want to spend the rest of your life doing. Then why not take those risks? You NEVER know what could come of a situation if you keep your chin up, focus on the task, and give it your all. Now, don't get me wrong, something like this is not an overnight process. But I think I speak for others who are self employed doing what they love. That long long process, is worth it.

There are going to be ups, downs, and challenges with ANYTHING you do in life. So why not do that, with doing what you love? Work at the chance of showing those who do not see your vision, what is possible. Get out there and grind for it. Get out there and take some risks.