WELLLLL Hello everyone! Welcome to the new vlog! With today's video it inspired me to blog a little more into what its like marrying someone that does some of the same stuff you do!

Reality is even though we both design and take photographs, the fields of work are worlds a part. While I wither away doing work in the gaming industry, Megan focuses on weddings photos and invites, children pictures, senior pictures and many more personal types of creative work. So you can see how there would be no real relation besides the process in our work. Although I feel bad at times that some people are let down by the idea that we don't butt heads in our fields being in the same house, but its honestly quite the opposite.

One of the great perks of our relationship is the fact that when one person is stumped on something, the other has a very fresh mind during that time. Often times as creatives we may get a little to into what we are working on and block our creative process. Having someone there with a fresh outlook on things can really help you look at things you don't even think about.

That is something I encourage creatives in 2018 to do, regardless of being in a realationship. When you are stumped on something, reach out to someone, by someone I don't mean someone much larger than you on social media so you get noticed, I mean someone around you growing with you. We all have so much to learn from each other and the social media size has very little to do with that growth.

Overall, whats it like to be with someone that does the same stuff you do, in a way?

Refreshing, i wish this on anyone!